Industrial Psychology Training

Under the guidance of his motto “a more efficient brain use, a more efficient life,” Doctor Dundar plans individual or corporate training sessions on topics that fall in his expertise. The doors of brain training and neurology are now open for the professionals of the business world. Training modules formed through a combination of modern science, alternative information, technological developments, therapy, and counseling methods operate under various subject headings in a question-and-answer form. At this point, you will find answers to “Why do I act this way?” type questions, while you gain competence in making sense of what is occurring around you. Your newfound abilities will contribute to your communication and management skills, and your answers to the question “How do I solve this?” will be elevated to strategic and practicable level.
  • Efficient use of the brain in work life
  • Why does the studying brain strive?
  • What is a career and how is it connected to the brain?
  • Communication in the business world and neuro communication
  • What is memory and what is it not?
  • Directing and promotion but through the brain
  • Timetabling in work life
  • What is the aim that will convince your brain?
  • My brain is enough for happiness in work life
  • The enterprising brain
  • The success / failure / brain connection (inhibitors)
  • Learning to say no
  • Behavioral time management
  • Neuro communication / Neuro sales
  • Neuro marketing
  • Is stress management possible?
  • Performance anxiety and presentation skills
  • Is stress and anger management possible in working life?
  • Strategic steps towards professionalism with the brain
These training modules that feature brain-based, alternative solutions to problems encountered in working life are suitable for all participants in working life.