Holistic Neuro Counseling

Individual Brain Training

The human brain certainly has an active role in solving many troubles experienced in various domains of life, and individual brain training is a special educational and counseling service customized to the personal needs of the individual. Holistic Neuro Counseling combines the wisdom of modern medicine, eastern medicine, complementary medicine, therapy systems, and technology, and considers the individual’s needs when developing and implementing strategies together. To date, training modules on various topics have been implemented on approximately twenty thousand individuals and positive outcomes have emerged. Some of the topics that are frequently covered in these sessions have been listed below:
  • Improvement in stress management ability in work life
  • Healthy thinking skills in work life
  • Increasing strategic thinking skills
  • Developing negotiation skills
  • Progressing a step beyond in management
  • Expertise in communication skills
  • Success in managing family and one-to-one relationships,
  • A better memory and health
  • Reaching high performance
  • Lack of efficiency, weakness of will, Internet addiction
  • Failure to make or follow plans
  • Inability to control emotions
  • Inability to organize thoughts
  • Inability to work under stress
  • Lack of success in examinations
  • Forgetfulness
  • Coaching for illness
  • Counseling for complementary medicine
  • Inability to be active and efficient in a group
  • Relationship problems
  • Health and nutrition problems
  • Concentration problems in children, failure in school
Starting from the initial session, the counseling activities are planned and tailored to the special requirements and needs of the individual.

Research in Educational Psychology

We are aware that we possess the solutions to brain-based problems in education. Brain training modules in education feature many practical details on learning and success, which cater to students as well as their parents and educators accompanying them in this journey.
  • The connection between the brain and learning / child brain behavioral development
  • Why does the studying brain strive?
  • Examination stress / examination success
  • Computer, social media, smartphone addiction, and prevention
  • Stress factors in education
  • Aggressivity and anger management
  • Hyperactive children and adults
  • The meaning of superior intelligence and its difficulties
  • What is attention and how does it develop? Techniques for improving focus
  • In-family communication techniques
  • Difference between the female and the male brain
  • Success in the female brain
  • Is it possible to be a good parent?
  • Brain friendly nutrition, genetic nutrition, healthy life for children and adults
  • Planning for success in education
These training modules that involve brain-based alternative solutions to problems in education are suitable for students, parents, educators, and candidates