Dr. Kerem Dundar

Neuro Health Brain Training

Dr. Kerem Dundar completed his medical education at the Gulhane Training and Research Hospital, and following his graduation, he worked in various health institutions as an academic, manager, trainer, and physician. As he conducted his PhD brain research work at Gulhane’s Department of Biophysics, he was involved in experimental as well as clinical research in psychiatry, neurology, psychology, and behavioral sciences using electrophysiological and stereotaxic surgical methods. He conducted many practical implementations in the areas of family therapy, behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, sexual therapy, and neurotherapy-neurofeedback employing branches of complementary medicine such as acupuncture and hypnosis.

In the holistic neuro-approach he developed Dr. Kerem Dundar combined knowledge from modern medicine, classical medicine, current technology, therapy systems and neurology and he has provided individual counseling on performance, success, happiness, psychological health, and communication to over twenty thousand persons.

Dr. Dundar is pursuing his academic research on the field of neuroscience at the Center for Neuro Health Brain Training Research and Implementation which he founded, and in addition, he is continuing training, practice, and individual neuro-counseling as part of his corporate collaborations. Some of his counseling areas have been listed below:

  • Efficient use of the brain
  • Industrial psychology
  • Protection from psychiatric diseases
  • Technology addiction
  • Success in life
  • Neuro-management
  • Neuroscience based straining
  • Brain-based communication
  • Neuro marketing

He delivers stage performances featuring neuroscience content in corporate settings, educational institutions, and universities.